Interior Suzuki APV

Interior Suzuki APV is relieved, elegant and luxurious designed to accommodate eight passengers. However, when filled with 10 passengers plus 2 adult child, the car is still fit and still comfortable for passengers. The seat is made with a combination of 4, 4, 2 and the position of the foot still free. One advantage Suzuki APV, among others, the use of AC with double blowers who are able to make cool passengers.

It is rarely found in the family car class. In doing perjalananpun can become more comfortable, because in front of the dashboard there is an audio tape recorder Meek JVC. No half-hearted Suzuki APV provides a JVC tape recorder that could use the CDs and DVDs.

This is different from a Toyota Avanza which can only be for the ordinary cassette, plus an AC Toyota Avanza not sesejuk Suzuki APV. Fuel control panel was created digitally. 

For the speedometer panel was also the same, namely the digital model. From the selection of any materials, Suzuki APV feels stronger and more modern design.